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Cvent Website & Email Invitation
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Leadership Review Date09-28-2020Proposed Start Date08-03-2017
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[AUG-21-17 Martha Jakab] Started creating the registration types on Friday, after given the details of the invitation lists. There are 16 different registration types and 16 different registration paths. These are 90% complete. I still need to upload test invitation lists and test all of these different registration paths. I still need a list of the different attendee types for the Friday night kickoff party. I will need to upload that list and create a variable to put in and display as an "alert" with the ticket is scanned at the door. I also need the image for the printable ticket. Waiting on the copy for the registration confirmation email. Tomorrow I have a conference call with our Cvent product consultant to help check over all and help make sure that I haven't missed anything. I would like to continue testing in the morning. Should be ready for Luke and Susan to test after lunch.


Set up Cvent information and registration website for Kickoff Event and accompanying email invitation based on the designs from Creative Services.
Created on Aug.  3, 2017 at  9:21 AM (EDT). Last updated by Jason Phenicie on Aug. 31, 2017 at  9:17 AM (EDT). Owned by Phenicie, Jason.
Jason Phenicie
Jason Phenicie
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