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Annual Giving Solicitations → FY2022 - Q4
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07-22-2022  / 1
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Nicole Neal CS James Baer   W Nicole Neal
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Annual GivingYoon Van HoutExecutive Director, Annual Giving
Project Description
Drop Date: August 15, 2022 Count: 20,000 AUDIENCE: Alumni and parents who made a gift of $10,000 or less in FY21 to an academic fund, but did not make a gift in FY22. Last year, we tried to renew face mask campaign donors. We also included a sticker as a thank you. We reduced the audience size, but increased the cost per piece with the addition of a sticker. Package Design: Mail - #10 closed envelope (2/0, bleeds), 8.5x14 letter with perforated reply card (6/6, bleeds) (incorporate check boxes in letter), #9 BRE Copy Acknowledge the impact of their previous gift. Include a variable sentence or two for folks that made their first gift to UF. This year include PS line
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Created on March 14, 2022 at  1:37 PM (EDT). Last updated by Jason Phenicie on Sept.  6, 2022 at  8:17 AM (EDT). Owned by Hartman, Marissa.
Marissa Hartman
Jason Phenicie
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