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12-16-2022  / 1
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Robert Mack CS Robert Mack
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Principal Gifts & Strategic InitiativesJacky ScottCommunications Strategist
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Kim Kruse, a member of the Principal Gifts team would like our help to create a visually appealing impact document – perhaps an infographic – that captures some of the big outcomes of Disney’s investment. Background Information: We are in Year 8 of a ten year verbal commitment from Disney to fund both butterfly and sea turtle conservation. Originally the awards were $250,000 per year per project, but they have increased over time to $350,000 per year per project. To date, this has resulted in more than $6M in giving from Disney to these two programs. The lead faculty have submitted annual reports to Disney every year, throughout the program. Some of the potential items to cover include: • number of social media views for grant-related content • number of people engaged • additional funding leveraged • potentially something to show additional jobs created The butterfly team is planning to sift through their previous annual reports to gather this aggregated data and to write some talking points. They are working to have that ready by early June. Timeline: Their goal is to have the finished product in hand by July , so that they have time to present it to Disney well in advance of their September 30 fiscal year end. Since this has stewardship written all over it, they are also wanting donor relations team for their help and insight too. She thinks it would be helpful to have a brainstorming session with you or some members of the DR team (Megan?) to obtain feedback on what data points could tell the best story, once we have a working list from the butterflies team. This would be collaborative stewardship piece, as she is envisioning that our graphic design team might be able to create the layout Luke, Dave, Nicole, and Lindsey have approved.
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Created on May  4, 2022 at  8:54 AM (EDT). Last updated by Robert Mack on Dec. 20, 2022 at 12:18 PM (EST). Owned by Hartman, Marissa.
Marissa Hartman
Robert Mack
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