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Project: FLMNH Fund - Incorrect Name (19114162-AWEBU-FMNH-FLMNHFund-IncorrectName)

Florida Museum of Natural History

Kara Schwartz
Annual Giving and Development Coordinator

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Jason Phenicie

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The name of one of our endowments changed after the fund was created. The giving page still has the old name on it. Can you correct it?


Fund 023729 CBS Butterfly Endowment



Once it’s corrected will the above link still work or will we need to update it wherever it appears on our website?


Thank you for your help!

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-- [DEC-03-19 Anonymous] -------------- We have a year-end appeal going out that will feature this fund. When will the URL/fund name be updated? Thanks! Kara -- [DEC-05-19 Jason Phenicie] --------------

Good morning Kara,

We polled Advance for an update and the new fund name is now showing in online giving. The new link is: - the old link will continue to work as well.

Have a good day,

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Created on Nov.  8, 2019 at  7:30 AM (EST). Last updated by Anonymous on Dec.  5, 2019 at  8:44 AM (EST). Owned by Anonymous.
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