Gift Processing
GPR 3286628478
Collaborator First Name
Collaborator Last Name
Collaborator Title
Julie Dicks Gifts & Records Assistant Manager
Maggie Fischer Gifts & Records Manager
Judy Fitch Deposit Specialist
Velma Williams Alumni Membership Supervisor
Project Proposed
Due Date
Project Name
Project Status
Master Project Name
Creative Services Lead
Development Communications Lead
Digital Communications Lead
Administration Lead
Additional Team
Collaborator Name
  Linda Raney Retirement Tribute Video Completed   Brenton Richardson         Maggie Fischer
  Remove Funds Completed Advancement Website     Jason Phenicie     Maggie Fischer
  Website Addition Completed Advancement Website           Maggie Fischer
10-31-2017 FuchsThankYouCard Completed   Robert Mack         Maggie Fischer
11-17-2017 IRSReportingLetter Completed   Robert Mack         Maggie Fischer
03-09-2018 Lisa Limpert Farewell Reception Invitation Completed   Aaron Daye       David Houder Maggie Fischer
08-24-2018 2018 IRA Rollover Mailer Completed   Robert Mack          
11-15-2019 Gift and Records Envelope Completed   Robert Mack     Katie Clemen   Maggie Fischer
03-31-2020 IRS Tax Receipt Request Completed   Robert Mack     Katie Clemen   Maggie Fischer
10-30-2020 Email Gift Receipts Assigned Digital Initiatives           Maggie Fischer
Created on April  3, 2015 at  4:26 PM (EDT). Last updated by Phenicie, Jason on June 15, 2018 at 10:41 AM (EDT). Owned by Communications, UF Advancement.
UF Advancement Communications
Jason Phenicie
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  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

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