Kalliope King
Kalliope King
Campaign Events Associate
(352) 392-5973
VP and Campaign Events
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no Completed   2016 Gator Gathering Package See samples. Contact Kalli for deadlines.
Save the date postcard to mail out by April 8th.
Folded invitation card and response card mailed out by May 27th
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/4tpw3nwe37zjssg15o2okwmaznbmq2nr https://ufodaa.box.com/s/3iv6tsahazt3pdob0d4dznjr8gvly1bs                
no Canceled   Decor   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/h36k9c8vw6i2235lf0pgju2sxre4w4hd   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Canceled   Kickoff Mementos Battery pack for VIPs
Lapel Pin for General Admission
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/8n98tvtmc0yu12npmm58rtb66chus0zv   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed   Name Badges Need to make some kind of different name tag for new hires for next week’s All Staff. It just has to stand out from current / look a little different.

Current name tag template in Box folder.
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/1tajo6o6ag7mx8eqmmy5t7m8ux3ajjha   32 All Staff   Miller, Jessica        
no Canceled   Presentation Presentation for event. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/te5tbry118ceqzyft5d989zyxdrlivqn https://ufodaa.box.com/s/q4g854jo5m6acj1n627cgzkliv1zxiet 5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed   Voyage to Tomorrow DVD copy Copy DVD record of Florida Tomorrow campaign kick off event https://ufodaa.box.com/s/so9ayuvqghd78oxgk4d2yr0k58rf43dq                  
no Completed   Name Tags/Table Tents for Board Two name tag templates for Board and we also need a table tent template https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/53528197536   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed   Save the Date: UF VIP Dinner, August 23, 2019   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/76845785336   39 Email Marketing   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 04-10-2015 Photo of Susan Rasmussen Photo of Susan Rasmussen for newsletter.


Susan Rasmussen

(352) 392-6296
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/8li3sjlieo10g5tj0v7ojmlcnwza2x3t https://ufodaa.box.com/s/q9neiqwyqi5h195wlizgo7289prrxxxq 4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 02-22-2016 Name Tag & Table Tent Templates   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/bp5tuolo81nz482tjyo6815p27tbdicb   10 National Board - Spring and Academy of Golden Gators   Richardson, Brenton        
no Completed 02-26-2016 All Staff RSVP Create a 600px x 700px image to use as email notice of upcoming All-Staff Meeting. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/eg1bja5wwaool3j3af0ziwnsd6aps38i https://ufodaa.box.com/s/6c1wp9hjzgbedu06t6402eile1h1hzwk                
no Completed 04-18-2016 April 2016 All Staff Presentation   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ermca6ldwr1o6db5xqn8qo3qbhdimj3o https://ufodaa.box.com/s/9156d8w8ow3kd07xj0uynchpy4vrogsq                
no Completed 07-01-2016 All Staff RSVP Update July   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/dodc3v2o45uonedsthd981h0afaok8vz   32 All Staff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 09-01-2016 Nametag Template Revision Revise name tag templates to improve mail merge functionality. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/4y78pm2tisjfs7ae7sllpesa9n65u4qw   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Canceled 09-06-2016 Momentos   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ozwr9bswljjpjyb6jr9pl3j2wkjaulpi   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Canceled 09-23-2016 Program Program (same framework as last year, but refreshed/ re-envisioned look) https://ufodaa.box.com/s/j992tg4p9lvfjni0soqnuc1nugvvyhwf https://ufodaa.box.com/s/2n4t4i364u9v7vevm44f9wykwb88vvff 6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Canceled 10-31-2016 Event Photography Photography at Board Weekend in October (Thursday, 6 - Saturday, 8)

Want to definitely get consistent portraits of each.
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/r93fkkimkxfi72y7iqhhtogv9a5qr5na   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 04-11-2017 Save the Date and Invite Process outline process and timeline for materials and recipents https://ufodaa.box.com/s/2arnyv41ire3dnfg6qrnfxjr0zoiiytk   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 04-28-2017 Save the Date Produce messaging and visuals that will generate excitement among our guests and help to initiate their planning process to attend one or more of our “Go Greater” campaign kickoff events. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/7kwyc5fnsukxz3g0b3kutuny35nbmyyw   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica     79 Storter Childs
no Completed 06-16-2017 TableNumbers Table numbers for retreat https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ryxd0h34pgdxp0glx93bj9wqfkrpg77p   14 Executive Board Retreat   Miller, Jessica     3 Renaissance Printing
no Completed 06-20-2017 Name Tag Template Template for name tags that follows the look and feel for the rest of the ex board/whisper-to-shout look and feel https://ufodaa.box.com/s/d51v817i8lpnbj4xdhhgvjptoemflvo3   14 Executive Board Retreat   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 08-11-2017 Cvent Website & Email Invitation Set up Cvent information and registration website for Kickoff Event and accompanying email invitation based on the designs from Creative Services. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/0gvzerxofhqtdrez0vlapk89qv40fznt   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 08-15-2017 Invitation   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/tr7rk0dml3f9t3sph494z4xhkc76gct6   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica     1 Alta Systems, Inc.
no Completed 10-02-2017 NameTags Sticky and insert badges, Go Greater branded https://ufodaa.box.com/s/c4sykkubipc1wac1hehxq8hn2z08w38m   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 10-13-2017 Planning   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/n1j1492qum7fmpqajxpv07x66a7flg7m   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 01-17-2018 Marlene Beaulieu-Dishman Farewell Invitation Can you please help make a retirement invitation for the following please?
For: Marlene Beaulieu-Dishman
Date: Monday, February 19, 2018
Time-: 4-5pm
Location: Warrington Conference Room
no Completed 03-08-2018 Jennifer Sessions Farewell Reception Invitation Invitation for Jennifer Sessions Farewell

Proposed Wording:
Join us in saying farewell and thank you to
Jennifer Sessions
For his service and commitment 
to the University of Florida
Friday, March 16, 2018
4:00 PM
Warrington Conference Room
Emerson Alumni Hall
no Completed 05-11-2018 Invitation Location: Wildcat Cliffs Country Club
Date: Sunday, July 22
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Address: 770 Country Club Drive
   Highlands, NC 28741

Location: Linville Ridge Country Club
Date: Monday, July 23
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Address: Highway 105 South 
  Linville, NC 28646

Contact phone number: 352-392-6424
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/lvemwx16dioohz1zliagoqmi60huoe6j   12 North Carolina Reception   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 08-03-2018 Jan Brown Retirement Invitation Can you please create a retirement reception invitation for Jan Brown? The event will be held in Wadsworth Conference Room on August 15, 2018 at 4pm. https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/51994649937                  
no Completed 09-28-2018 Nametags_TableTents_FallBoard Name tags (two versions) table tents https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/53785057218   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no On Hold 01-10-2019 All Staff Invite Go Greater rebranding all staff invitation to match the Go Greater theme https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/58351306736                  
no Completed 04-25-2019 Shelley Henderson Farewell Farewell Reception on Friday, April 26 in Wadsworth Conference Room https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/74184747303                  
Created on April  3, 2015 at  9:52 PM (EDT). Last updated by Clemen, Katie on May 16, 2019 at 12:41 PM (EDT). Owned by Communications, UF Advancement.
UF Advancement Communications
Katie Clemen
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