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Collaborator First Name
Collaborator Last Name
Collaborator Email
Collaborator Title
Department Name
Collaborator Phone
Rachel Adams Prospect Data Assistant Business Process Management (352) 846-2806   Yes
Heather Adkins Associate Director, Annual Giving Annual Giving (352) 392-1616 Yes Yes
Erica Aguiar Assistant Director   (352) 294-0878 Yes  
Stephanie Akers Gifts and Records Specialist Gifts and Records (352) 392-0368   Yes
Shannon Alexander Digital Content Designer University Relations   Yes  
Danielle Alicea Brown Assistant Director of Development Health and Human Performance (755) 281-7103 Yes Yes
Melinda Allen Administrative Specialist III Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (352) 294-0886   Yes
Sonya Allen Associate Director of Talent Acquisition Talent Management (352) 846-1128   Yes
Allison Alsup Public Relations Specialist Business (352) 273-3239 Yes  
Michael Amish Assistant Director of Talent Development Talent Management (352) 846-2046   Yes
Dorothy Anderson Prospect Management Associate Development Information Systems (352) 392-0229   Yes
Luke Anderson Associate Vice President, Strategic Communications & Chief Marketing Officer Communications (352) 392-8950 Yes Yes
Xan Anderson Assistant Director of Development Education (352) 273-4144   Yes
Cara Anderson Rosas Manager of Research and Gift Processing UF Health, Shands (352) 265-7237   Yes
Emily Anderton Development Assistant, OPS Liberal Arts and Sciences (352) 294-6948    
Francesca Antoine Business Manager Public Health and Health Professions (352) 273-6168    
Lori Apicella Director, Annual Giving UF Health, Shands (352) 265-7274   Yes
Carl Archut Associate Director of Development University Initiatives (352) 392-5471   Yes
Lili Aris Office Assistant Education (352) 273-4140   Yes
Jason Arnold Director of E-Learning, Technology, & Communication Services Education   Yes  
Heather Ashley Senior Director of Reunions and Programs Alumni Relations (352) 334-8044 Yes Yes
Margaret Atherton Executive Director Corporate and Foundation Relations (352) 392-5492   Yes
Samuel Auer Development Associate Engineering (352) 392-6795   Yes
Karen Babcock Director of Development UF Health, Shands (904) 244-1015   Yes
Jim Baer Senior Graphic Designer Communications (352) 392-8212 Yes Yes
Stephanie Baer Event Coordinator Liberal Arts and Sciences      
Donovan Baltich Communications Specialist, College of Pharmacy Pharmacy   Yes  
Jackie Baniqued Administrative Assistant - JAX UF Health, Shands (904) 244-1090   Yes
Chris Barnett Senior Web Administrator Communications (352) 392-9535 Yes Yes
Mike Barsaleau Senior Director Risk Management (352) 392-8924   Yes
Jessica Barton Marketing Specialist Medicine   Yes  
Christopher Beatty   Medicine (352) 273-5855 Yes Yes
Stacy Beers Marketing Director UF Health, Shands      
Claire Belkot Event Coordinator, OPS Facilities Management (352) 846-3602    
Garrett Bell Program Coordinator Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683 x5059   Yes
Troy Bell Associate Director of Facilities Management Facilities Management (352) 392-5487   Yes
Doug Bennett Science Writer, Editor UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Randy Bennett Dir. of Entrepreneurship and Partnerships Journalism and Communications (352) 273-1223 Yes  
Lucy Berres Communications Assistant Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Giorgio Berry Data Integrity Project Manager Gifts and Records (352) 392-8307   Yes
Jesica Berube Communications Specialist Harn   Yes  
Anirudh Bhagat Data Integration Associate Development Information Systems (352) 392-5981   Yes
Kim Blackburn Assistant Dir.of Prospect Mang and Data Analaysis Business Analysis & Process (352) 392-9879   Yes
Debra Boal Administrative Support Assistant Annual Giving (352) 392-5410 Yes Yes
Tara Boonstra Assistant Legal Counsel Legal Services (352) 392-8418   Yes
Ruth Borger Assistant Vice President, Communications Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences   Yes  
Katie Boudreau Director of Development Veterinary Medicine (352) 273-2514   Yes
Christopher Brady Prospect Strategy Analyst Prospect Strategy and Research     Yes
Marcela Brandao Associate Director of Development & Alumni Affairs Veterinary Medicine (352) 273-8689 Yes Yes
Florida Bridgewater-Alford Director, Campus Communications Outreach University Relations (352) 846-3903 Yes  
Herb Brooks Assistant Director, Communications (Softball) Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Angie Brown Assistant Director of Communications and Worklife     Yes  
Doug Brown Deputy Executive Director Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683 x5065   Yes
Tori Bryan Marketing & Communications Specialist Engineering (352) 294-7709    
Tracy Bryant Creative Director Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences      
Renee Buchanan Coordinator Enrollment Mangement (352) 294-0922 Yes  
Phillip Buchyn Assistant Director of Advancement Veterinary Medicine (352) 318-8639   Yes
Tonya Burningham Administrative Services Assistant Legal Services (352) 392-7760   Yes
Claire Burns Associate Director of Donor Programs Donor Relations (352) 392-7762 Yes Yes
Gail Burton Development Assistant Veterinary Medicine (352) 273-2509 Yes Yes
Lorraine Burton Administrative Assistant Finance and Accounting (352) 392-9503   Yes
Alesha Busch Executive Assistant, Communications Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Alexa Butler Operations Manager Alumni Relations (352) 392-3379   Yes
Brittany Caldwell Marketing & Communication Specialist Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4658    
Katie Callahan Assistant Director, Communications (Volleyball / Lacrosse) Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Adrienne Campbell Development Coordinator Journalism and Communications (352) 846-2411 Yes Yes
Andrew Campbell Director   (352) 294-0847 Yes  
Audrey Campbell Principal Gifts Research Analyst Prospect Strategy and Research (352) 392-8982   Yes
Jon Cannon Executive Dir. of Dev. and Alumni Affairs Business (352) 392-0381 Yes Yes
Christina Capra Gifts & Records Processor Gifts and Records (352) 392-9883   Yes
Emily Cardinali News and Content Strategist University Relations (352) 846-3903 Yes  
Sarah Carey Director of Public Relations Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4242 Yes  
Scott Carter Senior Writer Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Daniel Caruso Data Management Analyst III Business Analysis & Process (352) 846-3579    
Shenitta Cason-Daniels Data Entry Processor Gifts and Records (352) 392-0096   Yes
Paul Caspersen Assistant Vice President of Development/Senior Philanthropic Advisor Estate and Gift Planning (352) 392-5513   Yes
Grace Castro Assistant Director of Membership & Annual Giving Annual Giving (352) 334-8057 Yes Yes
David Christie Assistant Vice Presisent/CFO Operations - Advancement Services (352) 392-5475   Yes
Megan Christopherson Interim Associate Director of Donor Engagement Donor Relations (352) 392-5862 Yes Yes
Mary Church Director of Development, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Engineering (352) 294-7988   Yes
Wise Clairvoyant Videographer University Relations   Yes  
Alisson Clark Senior Writer, UF Media Relations University Relations (352) 846-3903 Yes  
Pam Clark Associate Director of Development & External Relations Libraries (352) 273-2505 Yes Yes
Virginia Claus Director of Reunion Giving Medicine (352) 273-8596    
H. Renee Clayton Marketing & Communications Specialist Design, Construction and Planning   Yes  
Jessica Clayton Associate Director Of Development & Alumni Affairs Nursing (352) 273-6409 Yes Yes
Alex Cobb Director of Development, Gift Planning Estate and Gift Planning (352) 392-9532   Yes
Amber Cochran Senior Database/Reporting Analyst Development Information Systems (352) 846-2037   Yes
Albert Coker Assistant Director of Development Liberal Arts and Sciences (352) 294-2399   Yes
Matthew Coleman Communications Manager Principal Gifts & Strategic Initiatives (352) 392-5488 Yes Yes
Juanita Colorado Staff Assistant, Strategic Communications UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Julie Conn Director of Development, Corporate & Foundation Relations Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (352) 273-2099   Yes
Kathy Cook Director of Internal Operations Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683 x5033   Yes
Royce Copeland Marketing and Communications Specialist Engineering (352) 273-2205    
Kevin Coulson Lead – Digital Communications Strategy Education   Yes  
Candi Crimmins Marketing and Communications Specialist, BME Engineering (352) 273-9111    
Dereck Criner Assistant Director, Talent Management & Strategic Planning Talent Management (352) 392-2829   Yes
Valencia Cromarty Senior Fiscal Assistant Disbursements (352) 392-9878   Yes
Nate Cross Assistant Director of Development Medicine (352) 265-7281   Yes
Susan Crowley Assistant Vice President, Community Relations University Relations (352) 392-4567    
Danielle Cummings Assistant Director of Development Annual Giving (813) 310-9211   Yes
Joey Cutting Assistant Director of Development Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683 x5071   Yes
Renee Damore Associate Director of Prospect Strategy & Research Prospect Strategy and Research (352) 846-3445   Yes
Brian Danforth Assistant Vice President Central Development (352) 846-1849 Yes Yes
La'Zendra Danforth Director of Event Planning Pharmacy (352) 294-8265    
Jaret Daniels Associate Curator and Program Director, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity Florida Museum of Natural History (352) 273-2022    
Katherine Davies Director of Development Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (352) 273-2480   Yes
Lula Dawit Director of Advancement Arts (352) 846-1211 Yes Yes
Aaron Daye Multimedia Specalist Communications (352) 392-4068 Yes Yes
Ellen De La Cruz Interim Associate Director Development Information Systems (352) 392-8584   Yes
Angie De Leon Associate Director of Development Journalism and Communications (352) 273-2919   Yes
Lauren Dean Development Assistant Liberal Arts and Sciences (352) 294-6498    
Julie Dicks Gifts & Records Assistant Manager Gift Processing (352) 392-7544   Yes
Dawn Dickson Data Entry Processor Gifts and Records (352) 392-8091    
Zach Dirlam Assistant Director, Communications (Track & Field / Football) Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Jeffrey Dobbertien   Assistant Director of Development, Corporate & Foundation Relations Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences      
Andrew Doerfler Writer Liberal Arts and Sciences   Yes  
Jane Dominguez Graphic Designer University Relations   Yes  
Lillian Dompe Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs Arts (352) 846-1218 Yes Yes
Mackenzie Donovan Executive Assistant I Business (352) 273-3298 Yes Yes
Karen Dooley Director of Communications UF Health, Shands (352) 273-5865 Yes  
Nickie Doria Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator UF Health, Shands (352) 265-0373 Yes  
Rachel Dorman Associate Director of Development Estate and Gift Planning (352) 392-8068   Yes
Elizabeth Downs Communications Specialist Principal Gifts & Strategic Initiatives (352) 392-7630 Yes Yes
Barbara Drake Communications Coordinator Communications (352) 846-3439 Yes Yes
Heather Duiser Director, Annual Giving Annual Giving (352) 392-7759 Yes Yes
Molly Dworkin Director of Development UFPTI, JAX Medicine (904) 588-1519    
Anna Maria Eades Senior Director of Development, Gift Planning Estate and Gift Planning (352) 392-5405   Yes
Amanda Edwards Development Assistant Corporate and Foundation Relations (352) 392-5404   Yes
Dana Edwards Strategic Communications Manager Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences   Yes  
Ashley Elliott Data Analyst, OPS Strategy & Operations (352) 392-2827   Yes
Marie Emmerson Senior Director of Development & Advancement Florida Museum of Natural History (352) 273-2087 Yes Yes
Keith Emrick Senior Director of Development, ESSIE Engineering (352) 294-7948 Yes Yes
Wanda English Associate Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Iwona Esser Accountant Finance and Accounting (352) 392-5497   Yes
Stephen Evans Executive Director of Advancement Liberal Arts and Sciences (352) 273-3704    
Shellie Evers Program Assistant Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4051    
Anja Fairholm Assistant Director of Reunions and Programs Alumni Relations      
Lindsey Farah Director of Advancement Initiatives Operations - Advancement Services (352) 846-2461   Yes
Michael Farley Senior Director Levin College of Law (352) 273-0643 Yes Yes
Sarah Fazenbaker Webmaster Florida Museum of Natural History   Yes  
Jessica Feagle Development Project Manager Strategy & Operations (352) 392-7624   Yes
Gabrielle Fellenz Director Development Information Systems (352) 392-5974   Yes
Jessalyn Fernandes Events Coordinator Veterinary Medicine (352) 294-4239    
Hessy Fernandez Director, Issues Management & Crisis Communications University Relations   Yes  
Brent Ferraro Designer Design, Construction and Planning (352) 294-1424 Yes Yes
Sorrell Fields Director of Development Performing Arts (352) 273-2480 Yes Yes
Stephen Figueroa Senior Director of Development Medicine (352) 273-5882   Yes
David Finnerty Senior Director of Development Communications Communications (352) 392-8971 Yes Yes
Elizabeth Fiore Communications Manager Engineering (352) 294-7959 Yes Yes
Matthew Fiore Leadership Annual Giving Officer Alumni Relations (352) 846-3580    
Maggie Fischer Gifts & Records Manager Gift Processing (352) 392-8308   Yes
Judy Fitch Deposit Specialist Gift Processing (352) 392-8998   Yes
Fleetwood Fleming Assistant Director of Major Gifts Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683    
James Fliess Database Reporting Associate Development Information Systems     Yes
Bruce Floyd Social Media manager Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
Andrea Fourman Director of Development, Gift Planning Estate and Gift Planning (352) 392-5514   Yes
Tyler Francischine Writer, College of Medicine Medicine   Yes  
Holly Franklin Marketing Manager Arts (352) 273-1493   Yes
Deaven Freed Communications Specialist, CTSI UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Tamera Freeman Assistant Director of Strategic Initatives UF Health, Shands (352) 273-9620   Yes
Margaret Friend Senior Director of Development, Foundation & Corporate Relations UF Health, Shands (352) 265-7277   Yes
Diane Gagnon Advancement Administrative Specialist Engineering (352) 294-7944   Yes
Paul Gamber Business Analyst Business Analysis & Process (352) 846-3544   Yes
Kathryn Garcia Prospect Strategy Analyst Prospect Strategy and Research (352) 334-8059   Yes
Sterling Garcia Director of Development, MSE Engineering (352) 273-2505   Yes
Kaitlin Gardiner Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Florida Museum of Natural History   Yes  
Mary Garland Director of Children's Miracle Network UF Health, Shands (352) 273-8596   Yes
Blythe Garrett Development Administrative Assistant Harn (352) 294-7056    
Sara Gauldin Senior Development Associate UF Health, Shands (727) 709-2848    
Kristin Gaver Interim Director of Public Functions UF Health, Shands (352) 627-5025    
Debbie Gay Licensing Manager Athletics, Gator Boosters (352) 375-4683    
Margaret Gaylord Senior Director of Development & External Affairs Journalism and Communications (352) 273-0193 Yes Yes
Audrey Geoffroy Senior Director of Data Services Data Services (352) 392-8306   Yes
Tonya Gibbs Web Designer Communications (352) 392-7636 Yes Yes
Abel Gilbert Development Coordinator Dentistry (352) 273-5780 Yes Yes
Susan Goffman Executive Director Legal Services (352) 392-9251   Yes
Helen Goh Director of Marketing and Communications Engineering (352) 392-0984 Yes  
Thomas Goodwin Director of Advancement Public Health and Health Professions   Yes Yes
Ayana Gray Prospect Strategy Analyst Prospect Strategy and Research (352) 846-2820   Yes
Jessica Green Administrative Assistant UF Health, Shands      
Sara Ann Green Conference/Event Planner Design, Construction and Planning (352) 273-1182    
Tamara Gregory Major Gifts Scheduler UF Health, Shands (352) 627-5017   Yes
Heather Greig Assistant Vice President Strategy & Operations (352) 846-3575   Yes
Marilee Griffin Assistant Director of Communications, Cancer Center UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Tangula Griffin Gifts & Records Processor Gifts and Records (352) 392-0096   Yes
Donna Grillo Development Assistant Medicine (352) 273-5875   Yes
Sharon Guarascio Senior Fiscal Assistant Finance and Accounting (352) 392-4244   Yes
Maria Gutierrez Martin Assistant Vice President of Development Principal Gifts & Strategic Initiatives (352) 392-1066   Yes
Michael Hadden Manager, Communications & Marketing UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Michelle Hagan Development Coordinator Engineering (352) 392-6795 Yes Yes
Maddie Haggbloom Graphic Designer     Yes  
Greg Hamilton Assistant Director, News & Publications UF Health, Shands   Yes  
Alice Hamler Gifts & Records Processor Gifts and Records (352) 846-3536   Yes
Courtney Hancock Web Developer   (352) 294-3870 Yes  
Kathy Harper Associate Director of Marketing & Communications Enrollment Mangement   Yes  
Ally Harris Administrative Assistant University Relations (352) 273-3820 Yes  
Amanda Harris Coordinator Development, GOCMN UF Health, Shands (407) 481-2774    
Dacia Harris Assistant Director of Annual Giving and Donor Relations Education (352) 273-4143 Yes  
Chris Harry Senior Writer Athletics, Gator Boosters   Yes  
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