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Elizabeth Keppel
Director of Development, Annual Giving
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no Completed   SEC_ACC Conference Group We are hosting our annual giving colleagues from across the SEC and ACC for a conference – it’s February 21st through 24th. Each year, the group takes a photo in front of a landmark at the host school. Would you be able to take our group photo in front of Albert and Alberta. I think the best time would be the morning of Wednesday, February 22, but that could be flexible. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/qoa9g87ya6605lamowc6j6wwz8s80c6j   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Canceled   Multi-Year Pledges on Giving Form See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.box.com/s/8tqrejuyt8uga66hvcd59uqby8ov3351   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 08-24-2016 College of Arts Annual Giving Letters edit letters fro COA solicitations - No Box folder needed. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/4tupdgmtyvwyejroi4bt0hhoy7nesntb                  
no Completed 09-01-2016 Q1 FY16 Email Fundraising Campaign quarterly email fundraising campaign https://ufodaa.box.com/s/rjs0aedov0ro4m3rsoo9y0ksieg0bx8x                  
no Completed 09-21-2016 Q1 FY16 Email Engagement Campaign Q1 ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN: "Look what we did this summer"
Send: 9/21
Final Art: 9/1
1.    General

“Look what we did this summer,” a showcase of what some of our students did over the summer in terms of research, community service, etc. It is fun and ties back to our case for support. In order to really measure engagement (ie, more than open rates), we pursue a voting CTA. 

Logistics: call on the units to submit up to three photos to AG office. Then SCAM and AG teams will vote on the top five photos. These top five will be in the email with a link and a hashtag, linking to the voting FB page. The goal is to get this up on social by the day we send the email. Then, everyone receiving the email votes on those five as do our broader social media audiences. The winner will *hopefully* be the new cover photo on UF social/UF AA social, make it onto the UF News site, etc. Details we will figure out in the next few weeks.  

See Heifer International sample.
no Completed 09-21-2016 Family Fund Comm. Strategy - AG appeals Advise on strategy, develop content for Annual Giving appeals, complimentary to the pieces/messaging DF developed for these programs. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/86pf7df8gd13erm5lwu1nc8lbo0chocx                  
no Completed 10-10-2016 MFOS Fall FY16 Mailing MFOS Fall Appeal through Annual Giving -- copy and letterhead, matching email header and footer, outer envelope. Use existing MFOS 10th Anniv design created by Rob. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/rplx0tuo3vjd43u24vv60nrcekyc8nye                  
no Completed 10-31-2016 Q2 Email Campaign Q2 email fundraising campaign https://ufodaa.box.com/s/1f18q9td1pd6gduglwxwi2oy0y6rpq16                  
no Completed 01-10-2017 FY 17 CYE Email Fundraising Campaign annual calendar year end email fundraising campaign https://ufodaa.box.com/s/i3z02d66qmvlf60bxe35z0pvgwt1d4pl                  
no Completed 01-24-2017 Q3 Email Campaign Q3 Email campaign 
Will go out to LYBUNTs and SYBUNTs and non-donors (LAG pool and parents)
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/f51bvys3dhh428digqogvnzy3puzg9bv   39 Email Marketing   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 02-14-2017 MFOS Spring 2017 Appeal NO NEW PHOTOGRAPHY NEEDED

Reply Card (postage not prepaid)
Letter (copy and design)
no Completed 07-14-2017 MFOS Fall Mailing Annual Giving fall mailing; recent grad profile; $12.5 million challenge (double impact); will include letter and follow-up emails (header and footer) https://ufodaa.box.com/s/wb9ttqy6067ddbe3mxc706e5ptkw4g8f   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 07-21-2017 FY18 Q1 Email Campaign Annual Giving Outreach for Q1 with Albert and Alberta theme. Art will feature a measure of progress for two follow-up emails.  https://ufodaa.box.com/s/z5eriimiktdnktkl3x1syscggyslr8a4   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 08-01-2017 Fall Labels 2017 Fall solicitation w/ mailing labels https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ix9m74w9nbyjxixwx8cyuq2xklhrknng   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 08-24-2017 Annual Giving Campaign Launch Outreach Go Greater mass solicitation to Annual Giving audience:
Letter signed by the president 
series of 3 emails (1. announcement 2. Reminder 3. Last chance)Drop date October 24-31
Phonathon, postcards and notecards (<1K, $1k+, first time phonathon)
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/9yy2nu33pigmrpkjewf8ksg2wfa776r5   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 08-25-2017 First Time Donor Package First time donor package - Campaign themed/ branded
(Big orange/ blue globe with window envelope)
no On Hold 08-31-2017 Q1 LAG Post-Visit Email Follow-up engagement communications for Leadership Annual Giving visits https://ufodaa.box.com/s/bodzr38bwddtjzrc3isr87ujgvz2af7w   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 10-13-2017 Campaign Branding Update                      
no Completed 10-16-2017 CYE Lapsed Statement Mailing End-of-Year solicitation to Annual Giving audience that has not made repeated annual gift https://ufodaa.box.com/s/uwftsgdf24t4fhhy9siw37zyvjlg2xr4   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 10-27-2017 FY18 CYE Email Series Q2/ FY CYE Email.
Email series Go Greater branded - create the suite to match but not all be the same. 

Design assets 11/10 final 
Copy - 3 emails + 1 unit template due 10/27 final
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/roqt52t9s22p9wlxzyesnk01eklpl6k5   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 12-01-2017 AG Campaign One-pager provide a high-level one page overview of the campaign for DOs to use as a leave behind piece with prospects and donors. This is to capture campaign priorities, goals and objectives. 

Provided in the work folder is an overview of the campaign, we can use this and portions of the whitepaper (comprehensive campaign>resources>whitepaper) for information.
no Completed 08-31-2018 AG Leadership Impact Report Drop Date: August 1, 2018
Budget: $13K (including postage)
Count: 7,500

Letter with variables - salutation, alumni/parent message, fund name(s)
Glossy Brochure
Consider: tech tags
Mailing envelope (booklet) - type 5 or 6 1/2
https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/49625488511   59 Annual Giving Solicitations   Phenicie, Jason        
Created on March 28, 2016 at  9:54 AM (EDT). Last updated by Clemen, Katie on July 16 at 10:08 AM (EDT). Owned by Velasquez, Christine.
Christine Velasquez
Katie Clemen
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