Jason Phenicie
Jason Phenicie
Director of Digital Communications
(352) 392-5980
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no Completed   Libris Set-Up Determine set-up, permissions, file structure, etc. for new Libris account. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/h4xhhvq8hfoltiwdbx0413tm33oo7fl2                  
no Completed   Migrate fund descriptions Migrate the fund descriptions from the recognition pages to the primary fund pages. https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/48477201548   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Reduce size of fund page hero images Reduce the size of the hero images on Fund pages only (keeping in mind that they leverage the standard template) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/48632078784   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Taco URL See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/100416570964   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Reserving Vanity Slugs   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/102545583233   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned   Create Fund Descriptions & Assign Tags   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/107808803699   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned   Gator Nation News December 2020   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/118326755541   74 Gator Nation News   Clemen, Katie        
yes Assigned   All Import Recording Need to be sure to remove WSX funds once they're created in online giving https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121679284384   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned   Enhanced Google Analytics for Advancement Production Add enhanced code for e-commerce and other giving activity https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121680427133   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned   Salesforce Marketing Cloud List Streamline   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121679973802   78 Digital Initiatives   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned   QuickBase to WordPress Integration   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121681683661   78 Digital Initiatives   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Rise - November 2020 Target send date - 11/17 https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/124368911139   53 Rise Newsletter   Clemen, Katie        
no Completed 11-09-2016 Digital Communications Strategy Develop a digital communications strategy that will be vetted at the AVP and VP level with an objective of providing more focus to the work of the Web/digital team. https://ufodaa.app.box.com/files/0/f/11037016291/160823-COMM-DigitalCommunicationsStrategy                  
no Completed 02-24-2017 Advancement Newsletter Header & Footer Update the header and footer for the Advancement Newsletter (sent by Talent Management) to align it with the upcoming campaign. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/mrf44gihqnvxq33p5gifxxn147x88dn3                  
no Completed 06-30-2017 2016-17 Q4 Communications Project Portal Enhancements Continue development of the Communications Projects Portal in QuickBase. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/y9uheqpaywoy4cnrm1c4yorct6fcphjs                  
no Completed 09-29-2017 2017-18 Q1 Communications Project Portal Enhancements   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/y9uheqpaywoy4cnrm1c4yorct6fcphjs                  
no Completed 10-11-2017 Advancement Toolkit Extension Create a self-service website where development officers can easily assemble customized content pages for prospects and donors. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/dfh2yy4l9mavig2eciq0ujs4h71shnos   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 10-13-2017 WebsiteSubPageImages Lead web images for Advancement sub-pages including centers of excellence. As well as how we say thanks sub pages.     5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 11-24-2017 FullPageStory_Mockup Mockup for revised full-page story on uff website. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/1cn4kba48sg8isku03tzgq2s1cjiu329   5 Go Greater Kickoff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 08-28-2019 Employee Headshot Jason Phenicie Updated headshot of UF Advancement's Jason Phenicie on Tuesday, August 27, 2019. https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/85720659301   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
yes Assigned 12-18-2020 GIT Repository for UF Advancement Website   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121679146002   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 12-18-2020 Create automation that allows for renaming of established projects   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121682477555   78 Digital Initiatives   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 03-31-2021 Staging/Production Website Connection   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121681697140   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 05-31-2021 Advancement Toolkit Touchups/Recodes   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121682484202   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes In Progress 06-30-2021 Cvent Standard & Templates Develop standard layouts and configurations for Cvent events, including email and registration pages. Develop graphics for these layouts. Create style guide for creating and using these layouts and configurations. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/h9j3o5m5hvexseapsogok9oy9rhh301r   78 Digital Initiatives   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 06-30-2021 Advancement Videos Section of Website   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121682387323   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 06-30-2021 Primary Online Giving Redux   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121680930286   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 08-31-2021 Individual fund giving experience redux   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121682011841   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
yes Assigned 10-31-2021 Online Giving Prefill & Recurring Update   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/121682526605   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
Created on Aug.  8, 2016 at 12:45 PM (EDT). Last updated by Phenicie, Jason on April 23, 2019 at  9:27 AM (EDT). Owned by Clemen, Katie.
Katie Clemen
Jason Phenicie
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