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no Completed   Cavelle Grimes Retirement Invitation Invitation for Cavelle Grimes

Proposed Wording:
Join us in saying farewell and thank you to
Cavelle Grimes
For her service and commitment 
to the University of Florida
Thursday, December 15, 2016
4:00-5:00 PM
Presidents Ballroom C
Emerson Alumni Hall
no Completed   Glorida Dennis Retirement Invitation Can make the invite for Gloria’s farewell. It will take place on Wednesday, February 1st from 4-5pm in Warrington. There will be no RSVPs! https://ufodaa.box.com/s/wxofu12v4ljnkj0usimr9e3fj9t1m03r                  
no Completed   Carrie Mills Retirement Invitation Can make the invite for Carrie Mills farewell.

Carrie Mills
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
4:00 PM
Auxiliary Conference Center
Room 1204
UF Health Cancer Hospital
(They would like RSVP’s just for counts)

The invite can look like Cavelle’s.  Can we get a quick draft?
no Completed   Kathy Croley Retirement Invitation Can we please have an invitation made for Kathy Croley as well?
·         Date- Thursday, April 6th, 2017
·         Time- 4-5pm
·         Location- Warrington Room
·         No RSVP link for this one
no Completed   Carter Boydstun Retirement Invitation Can you please make an invitation for Carter’s retirement reception? Same format that we usually use, we will need to include our RSVP link. I believe Carrie Mills farewell was the last one that we used that for.
·         Date: Tuesday, March 21st
·         Time: 4-5pm
·         Location: Warrington Room
·         RSVP by March 14th to RSVP.VP@uff.ufl.edu
no Canceled 10-07-2016 Homecoming Brunch Kids Activity Events would like items created/recreated for Homecoming giveaways. Pennant Flags, Fans for kids to color on & take to the parade. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/65bvuvagliu96mx7fjnxhrbqxgbkppui https://ufodaa.box.com/s/6x1mc5k6hgq78ctfs91zqjolz6yc4pzw                
no Completed 10-10-2016 Danita Farewell Video Video loop of images Danita to be played at the farewell reception. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/312312qb6h040pnlhwo6fk50i260j4q0                  
no Completed 12-06-2016 2016 Holiday Luncheon Slideshow   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/xa1uhlqxfxhyg3ejgv9llrjxo045li5k                  
no Completed 03-21-2017 Carter Boydstun Retirement Slideshow Putting photos into Apple Photos to generate slideshow for retirement celebration https://ufodaa.box.com/s/axba9ne31cfu7shxu1q03zkc5b7gy217                  
no Completed 03-31-2017 2017 Gator Gathering Package Save-the-date for events to mail out. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/vg6nhk08tl24itfj0ma7mjexs6hyhm4k   12 North Carolina Reception   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 03-31-2017 Karen Legato Farewell Karen Legato Farewell Invitation

Can we please have a farewell invitation made for Karen Legato?
Date- Wednesday, June 14th, 2017
Time- 4-5pm
Location- Wadsworth Conference Room
No RSVP link for this one
no Completed 05-31-2017 Tara Blythe Farewell Invitation Farewell invitation for Tara Blythe https://ufodaa.box.com/s/0ejhkuvg1t0ghtkgz35f7f04uy9mo8b9                  
no Completed 07-14-2017 Name Tag Template_FIX Events does not use Avery tags, slight mismatch. Fix template to brand they use.     14 Executive Board Retreat   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 08-07-2017 Homecoming Invite 2017 Information for this year’s event is listed below.
Friday, October 6th
9:30am – 11:30am
Emerson Alumni Hall
RSVP’s Due: 9/27/17
This will be a good start and then I am sure Susan will have tweaks to make before it goes to Tom. Let me know if you have any questions and I appreciate your help!
no Completed 08-08-2017 Go Together Themed Invitation for All Staff Create kickoff-themed invitation for September all-staff https://ufodaa.box.com/s/uo5xoleg03juoblee2hoxebes54fbmo5   32 All Staff   Miller, Jessica        
no Completed 08-14-2017 Homecoming Logo Design Please create a logo that we can use to brand the annual Orange & Blue Tailgate Reception and events. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/0bakw4tpm0ys5fa05ql3kfbh1uhaiw88                  
no Completed 08-18-2017 Suzanne Woodward Farewell Invitation Hi there!

Can we please have a farewell invitation made for Suzanne Woodward? Sorry for the rush but it would be great if we could get this sooner than later.
Date- Thursday, August 31, 2017
Time- 4pm - 5pm
Location- Warrington Conference Room, Emerson Alumni Hall
·         No RSVP link for this one
no Completed 11-09-2017 Plaza of the Americas Visit Photos during a site visit at the Plaza of the Americas for upcoming dedication ceremony. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/j5mesd8c41fui5pd1h7tg2himvdfo09q   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 12-11-2017 Holiday Luncheon 2017 Photos during the 2017 UF Advancement Holiday Luncheon https://ufodaa.box.com/s/qdm8tnmhj13dxr015tqi28rc2tgcck8c   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 12-18-2017 Holiday Luncheon Flyer Attached are some ideas I like for the holiday party invitation. We did snowflakes on the background last year so probably shouldn’t duplicate that again, I have attached last year’s holiday invite for reference. If you know of or have any decent backgrounds to use let me know. I am fine to come sit with you and help pick one out or whatever.
Basically the information on the save the date is what I would like on the invitation.
·         Contest submissions can be sent to me
·         Please add my phone number with my email at the end, 392-6424
Thanks for your help! J
    39 Email Marketing   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 01-31-2018 All Staff Meeting January 2018   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ucby07w9pomwcxpepjujszj4ow639yvo   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 02-21-2018 Hotel Wayfinding and Branding   https://ufodaa.box.com/s/oa9b1ddsm9v6ufsus5f1gl7bluhpqpks   6 National Board - Fall   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 04-09-2018 Save the date save the date should be sent out the week of 4/9
use 2017 theme

Location: Wildcat Cliffs Country Club
Date: Sunday, July 22
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Address: 770 Country Club Drive
   Highlands, NC 28741

Location: Linville Ridge Country Club
Date: Monday, July 23
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Address: Highway 105 South 
  Linville, NC 28646

Contact phone number: 352-392-6424
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/jmbcus545nf05ezbs1gy0c23ci2q4nh9   12 North Carolina Reception   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 04-27-2018 All-Staff Meeting April 2018 Quarterly All-Staff meeting at Emerson Alumni Hall on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/mgkzvycto4d2p5corrfdodn2kajgfhv5   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 05-07-2018 All Staff Mid Campaign   https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/49226200327                  
no Completed 06-13-2018 All-Staff Meeting June 2018 Special UF Advancement All Staff with Go Greater campaign co-chair Anita Zucker https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/50061594481   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 06-30-2018 North Carolina Gator Gathering Registration for the North Carolina receptions     41 Cvent Online Event Management   Communications, UF Advancement        
Created on Aug.  8, 2016 at  1:59 PM (EDT). Last updated by Ballou, Danielle on June 13, 2018 at  8:16 AM (EDT). Owned by Clemen, Katie.
Katie Clemen
Danielle Ballou
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