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Rachel Smith
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Donor Relations
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no Completed   Unit Request - update to donor bio See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/51876759650   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Updates to UFF giving page See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/101207070337   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Add Gold Family Scholarship to UFF Giving Pages See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/103064496162   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed   Update to UFF Giving Opportunities See attached website request(s) https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/104707337942   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 06-23-2017 Statement of Inspiration Statement to artists for Reflections Dinner gift. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/b89v4nozxxvn7lpygzjq322n39j68t5o                  
no Completed 07-18-2017 VP Office Painting Hi Aaron,
I am writing to see if you could possibly take a photo of the painting of Century Tower that is in the VP Office. The painting is on the wall next to Tara’s desk (I have attached a cellphone photo that I took for reference).
To give you some background, we are working on a special gift for attendees of the Thursday night Reflections event during Kickoff Weekend. The plan is to have a painting of Century Tower commissioned and then reproduced as prints to be given to guests at the event. Three artists have agreed to make preliminary paintings for Tom and the Kickoff Steering Council to review before picking an artist for the final commission. The deadline for these preliminary paintings is July 24. As a plan B, Tom wants to have a print-out of the painting in the office to compare with the preliminary paintings. There is a chance that he will choose the painting in the office as the source image for reproduction instead of having one of the artists complete a commissioned piece.
As you can see, my cellphone photo isn’t great. Would you be able to take a better photo with your DSLR and send it to me? This photo will just be used as reference as the Steering Council reviews their options and I am assuming that we will arrange to photograph it again if they decide to use it for the project. I am happy to discuss more over the phone if it would be helpful.
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/ojdn5xhe31u05kq04u6b8s636r66p3h2   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 09-15-2017 Artist Natalie Galindo Portrait We need a portrait of student artist Natalie Galindo who painted the Century Tower painting for the Go Greater Campaign Kick-Off. https://ufodaa.box.com/s/32wb4rebq78fpgayjduxw0bgxqrnny04   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 12-04-2017 Staff Photo Megan Christopherson Updated staff photo of Megan Christopherson https://ufodaa.box.com/s/n2absd100w6dnyctrsrqvi3x83qyllfz   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 02-22-2018 Employee Headshot Patrick Sell We need a shot of new hire Patrick Sell’s before the scheduled date of 2/27. We want to include his photo on the slides for the DRAC meeting during Spring Board Weekend and unfortunately, he does not have a good quality professional photo that we can use. I know it is super short notice, but do you have any availability tomorrow (Friday) to take his picture?

Rachel Smith
https://ufodaa.box.com/s/tizmizqxrhtoz79gftbcqmwl83br6v35   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 02-20-2019 Donor Relations Printed Materials We would like to have high quality photos of the items listed below for use on the Donor Relations Toolkit, National Board presentations, and other uses.
·         Welcome to the Endowment – Faculty and Donor booklets*
·         LAG impact report
·         Alumni impact report
·         Annual Endowment Report Sample
·         First Time Donor Postcard
https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/67254778486   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 03-18-2019 Annual Endowment Report Photos Would it be possible to reshoot the AER packet and do a couple of different layouts? We’d like to have one where the contents are arranged in fan shape sort of like the photo attached. We’d also like one where the folder is laying open and the pages are stacked in the folder pocket – so you can see the pre-printed letter on the left side. Is this possible? https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/70252103059   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
yes With Collaborator 06-30-2020 Digital AER Components NEW:
•    A graphically designed web page for each donor/packet with the donor’s name
o    The page design to come from Communications – there might be limitations on this but we won’t know until we see what you/they have in mind
o    Web page will include a link/button/tile to the 2020 Endowment Report and 2020 Endowment Brochure PDF
o    Web page can include a link/button that opens the giving page (tentative)
o    Web page can include a link/button that opens a online survey 
o    Web page would be password protected (BPM will auto-generate passwords for each page)
o    Web page design should mirror hard copy folder design
•    Communications will send out emails to applicable audience with info to access their report (to be determined by Donor Relations and Communications (requested drop date 11/2)
o    BPM will provide the link and password info for the emails
•    Follow-up email for surveys to entire AER audience with emails (~1 month later)

CURRENT: Anticipated Deadline - Late June TJM approval
•    Update designs to incorporate “Your Ideas” theme: 
o    Folder (new design, we will provide updated content for the letter)
o    TJM notecard to for VIPs
o    Endowment Booklet (update cover to match new folder design, minor content updates will be provided in the fall)
o    Survey (minor content changes) – hard copy and digital version
UPCOMING: Anticipated Deadline - September
•    Format Dean/Director Messages into approved template
https://ufodaa.app.box.com/folder/114561304866   37 Annual Endowment Reports   Clemen, Katie        
Created on March 13, 2017 at  1:58 PM (EDT). Last updated by Phenicie, Jason on Dec. 11, 2019 at  4:27 PM (EST). Owned by Clemen, Katie.
Katie Clemen
Jason Phenicie
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