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no Not Assigned   Vanity URL for Brooks Hagood Scholarship See attached website request(s)   50 Advancement Website   Phenicie, Jason        
no Completed 10-03-2018 JoAnne Stenger Photos Please scan or take a photo of the 2 photos in the 1962 UF Seminole yearbook for an upcoming story.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 10-12-2018 Gators Going Greater: Jo-Anne Stenger I’m doing a Gators Going Greater story on alum Jo-Anne Stenger, the med school’s first woman surgeon, and I’ve located two decent headshots of her that I think will work for the hero spot.
They’re attached.
Could you work a little bit of magic on them? I don’t mean airbrush her to the point of looking 25; I mean whitening teeth and getting the balance right.
This story is NOT rolling out this week, so feel free to get to it when you have time.
Barbara   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 11-30-2018 Miami Book  Fair Multimedia   38 Video Clips   Richardson, Brenton        
no Completed 05-10-2019 Barbara Purdy Profile Photos of 90-something UF alum who still conducts her own archeological digs in this area for the fall alumni magazine.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 06-07-2019 Archaeologist Barbara Purdy Collection Archival photos of UF alum and archaeologist Barbara Purdy at her northwest Gainesville home.

These are the things we’d like to take pictures of:
(1)    A few photographs of you as a PhD student and when  you first dug at CCA. Color or black&white are fine. Aaron will take photographs of your images at your house.
(2)    An image of the Purdy Uniface or an actual Purdy Uniface.
(3)    Photos of you when you were on that TV tour in the 70s.
(4)    A photo of your family (Hank, the four kids) when you were a stay at home mom.
(5)    If you have it, a photo of you cracking rocks in your backyard.
(6)    A photo of you doing wetlands archaeology.
(7)    Your actual green sewing machine.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 07-02-2019 Bob Yates Profile Profile on donor Bob Yates.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 07-19-2019 Sonja Rasmussen GGG Photoshoot with Dr. Sonja Rasmussen for Gators Going Greater profile.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 08-07-2019 Gator Profile Mariel White Profile on UF student Mariel WHite at Cypress Hall   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 11-29-2019 NCEF Dental Clinic Get photos of patients receiving care at NCEF Dental Clinic in Naples, FL   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 05-12-2020 Davis World Scholar Portraits Meet 3 Davis World Scholars, Durgesh Jha, Emilio Quiteño, and Yehya Haj at the Plaza of the Americas for a group shoot and portraits for the Summer issue of the alumni magazine on Friday, May 8, 2020.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
no Completed 07-22-2020 RAWE Sports Police Talk Hi, Aaron. Heads up. I've talked about it with Houder and he says he'd like you to go shoot something happening in town on July 20th, sometime between 12:30 and 4 p.m. (He's going to send you a message or email about it.)

It's an event put on by alum Jerome Reed (RAWE Recruits) together with the GPD to foster greater community/law enforcement understanding. The event is in person, Jerome tells me. There will be 10 police officers and 10 local student/athletes; they'll be dialoging and getting to understand each other's point of view. This is the start of a series of open dialogues.

Jerome says he knows you and is excited you will (probably) be there. So will 2 news stations.   4 Photo Requests   Communications, UF Advancement        
Created on July 10, 2018 at  1:52 PM (EDT). Last updated by Phenicie, Jason on April 23, 2019 at  8:53 AM (EDT). Owned by Ballou, Danielle.
Danielle Ballou
Jason Phenicie
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